Growfitz, A 100% Natural Food Supplements Brand with an aim "For overall Growth for the Fit Mind and Body"

This brand is the Brainchild of A Team of Certified Nutritionists, Fitness experts, and Doctors with over 25 Years of Experience in the Field of Fitness, Health & Wellness
Our products are made to support a complete fitness and health solution including Mind and Body both.
In the Year 2020, our Parent company Growfitz kiwi foods pvt ltd decided to introduce the product in the Market.

Today, Growfitz is India’s most trusted peanut butter & Food supplement brand with an entire nutritional product range to its name.

The aim of Growfitz is to give every household access to high-quality tasty and nutritious food products while providing value for money. And as the name suggests it's totally dedicated to a Fit Overall Growth of Mind as well as body.

All Our products are 100% Veg, Natural & FSSAI certified.
This is how we ensure that every Growfitz goodie is a goodie that’s good for you.

Growfitz is a Multinational Brand with head offices & stores in New jersey,Hongkong,Russia & India currently.We are also expanding to other countries