Hypothyroidism (symptoms,Tests and diet plan)


From small to big symptoms you should be aware of all, as every symptom is a risk for a problem.

  • You might feel tired and weak all the time.
  • Even at room temperature, you might feel cold.
  • Also, there can be a situation of constipation causing discomfort.
  • Your skin might get dry even if it is oily.
  • Even if you are eating a good diet, there might be a gain in weight.
  • It might get difficult for you to make sounds while speaking which is the condition of hoarseness.
  • Muscles Of your body might get weakened, stiff, and tender and joints also may cause pain.
  • In this situation, there is also the risk of heart stroke as the cholesterol level is elevated.


Blood tests: Doctors, however, can ask for blood tests which are further two types. 


  1. TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) test, which is a very sensitive test and most important for hypothyroidism. Therefore, it measures how much T4 is being asked to make.
  2. The T4 test is the test in which T4 in the blood is attached to thyroxine-binding which is a protein. However, just 1%–2% of T4 in the blood is unattached and can get into cells. 


Full day diet plan

  • Meal 1 – Early Morning

Jeera coriander water

  • Meal 2 – Breakfast

Potato Sandwich

  • Meal 3 – Mid Meal

Any fruit except mango, banana, Chiku

  • Meal 4 – Lunch

Aloo sabzi with roti

  • Meal 5 – Evening Snack

Milk tea without sugar with a bowl of roasted makhana

  • Meal 6 – Late Evening

Chia seeds water

  • Meal 7 – Dinner

Mix vegetable soup

  • Meal 8 – Post Dinner

Hot water

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